Organizational Chart of Seagull Maldives

Mr Salah Shihab
Managing Director

Mr Shihab is the Founder Shareholder as well as the Managing Director of Seagull Group. He has a long standing career spanning almost forty years during which he has held esteemed positions in government such as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament among others. Mr Shihab has also made countless contributions to the private sector as Board Member of several influential committees. He was recently elected as Vice Chairperson of Maldives Association of Tourism Industry.

Mr Mohamed Shafeegu
Finance Director

Civil Engineer by profession, Mr Shafeegu earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Queensland in 1978. He has held various high ranking positions throughout government and private sectors during his career. His areas of expertise include resort development, planning and design among others. Mr Shafeegu’s technical approach to running the business is highly valued.

Mr Ibrahim Noordeen

Mr Noordeen is the Managing Director of KASA Holdings Pvt Ltd which is also a shareholder of Seagull Group. Mr Noordeen is involved in higher level decision making within Seagull Group.

Mr Masood Mohamed
General Manager

Having worked for Seagull Group for the past 25 years, Mr Masood is in charge of overseeing the day to day running of Seagull Group. While providing valuable advice to departments such as workshop, stores and others, Mr Masood's area of expertise also includes sourcing hardware and supplies worldwide for Seagull Marine

Mr Mohamed Azzam
Manager, Operations of Seasports

Mr Azzam Joined Seagull Group six years ago and ever since then, he has been heavily involved with the operations of Seasports. From sales, to sourcing the latest relevant products, to staff management and beyond.

Mr Marlan Jayathilake
Manager, Seagull Foods

A fairly new addition to the company, Mr Marlan is in charge of overseeing both outlets of Seagull Foods shops. He is also in charge of retail as well as wholesale side of Seagull Foods.

Mr Themantha Konara
Manager, Seagull Foods

Mr. Konara has been with Seagull Group for over 10 years, managing Seagull Café. His hands on approach in the running of the Café is extremely valued by both customers and colleagues alike.

Mr Ali Shifaz
Manager Maafahi Project

Mr Ali has been with Seagull Group for the past 11 years and is in charge of overseeing operations at the Agricultural and Fisheries project running on the island of Ha. Maafahi in the north of Maldives. Mr Ali shares his time between working on the island and the capital Male.