History of Seagull Suppliers in Maldives

For over three decades, the Seagull Group has been one of the biggest conglomerates in Maldives, providing end to end solutions for a variety of industries from agriculture to sportswear, marine equipment and food­­ and beverages. Our story of success began in 1984 with just three staff members and now it has a proud corporate family of over 150 employees.

Formerly known as Seagull Store 1, Seagull Marine is the very first outlet by Seagull Group and is among the leading marine equipment and boat suppliers in Maldives. In 1994 the group aqcuired the Gabbiano restaurant and converted it to Seagull Café, ‘your everyday stop in the heart of the city’. The year later the group ventured into surf and swim wear with the establishment of Sea Sports featuring a variety of international brands such as Speedo.

Expanding further into the food and beverages industry, the Seagull Group founded Seagull Foods in 1995 along with Maafahi, a brand dedicated to growing natural produce. Seagull Foods currently has two outlets located in Male selling healthy food products.