Maldives Food Products & Recipes

Seagull Foods deals in products of the finest quality, encompassing renowned international items and freshly harvested local produce straight out of the nation’s biggest agricultural enterprise to be integrated into your favourite food recipes.

Processed Food

Customers of Seagull Foods can discover an extensive range of processed foods and whole sale products such as noodles, sauces and juices. There’s also a range of 100% Maldivian items available produced using the freshest local ingredients from the associated farm at Maafahi.

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Fresh Food

Seagull Foods’ dedicated farm at Maafahi means that customers can choose from the freshest produce which is sent directly to outlets no later than a day after being harvested. The meat, vegetables, fruit and seafood of Seagull Foods are guaranteed to be of world-class quality.

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We present you a delectable collection of quick and easy recipes using some of our favourite products in store

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