About Our Restaurant in Male Maldives

Discover a world of food & the nation’s best ice cream

Seagull Cafe is one of the most renowned restaurants in Male, Maldives and was one of the first establishment in the nation to serve gelato ice cream. The cafe started out as a small operation in the 1980s by an Italian as a gelato ice-cream parlour, and was bought over by the Seagull Group in the 90s.

While capitalising on the original premise, a range of dishes was added, transforming the cafe from a gelateria to a culinary powerhouse offering a wide range of dishes ranging from burgers to fried rice. A cafe cannot exist without coffee, and there’s a selection of brews and warm caffeinated beverages available at Seagull’s iconic cafe. There’s also a choice of cakes, bakes and snacks to choose from for those looking for a quiet hangout to share with some good company.

Due to the cafe’s decades-long existence and reputation for consistent quality, the name Seagull Cafe will instantly conjure up cherished and nostalgic feelings among most Maldivians as well as international travellers that have experienced what we have to offer.